The chicken pets coops feed Locals

   The chicken pets coops feed Locals

Here you'll find everything you need to know about raising chickens in your backyard: why they're the best pet on earth; how to care for them; which chicken breeds are best for you; where to get them and more.
Learn about the different chicken breeds you can keep as pets in your backyard!
The My Pet Chicken Guide to Chicken Care (free!)

Want to know how to raise backyard chickens? We wrote this free e-book to give you an overview and to help you decide whether keeping chickens in your backyard is right for you. This quick and easy ready provides the all basic "how to" information you'll need. Go now

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Chicken feed or poultry feed from Sprout, Nutrena, Manna Pro, and more for the poultry farm

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BackYard Chickens

History of the BackYard Chickens website

Back in 1999 a few baby chicks were brought home from a kindergarten class. Similar to the experience of hundreds of thousands of other children and their families, what started out as a fun project turned into a hobby and then into an obsession!  BackYardChickens is the result of years of collective learning and fun rolled up into the best resource for raising your own backyard flock.


Over the past few years there has been a resurgence in people who want to be more “green”, more self-sufficient, and take part in the “grow local” movement.  A handful of egg-laying hens in a relatively small yard allows people to participate in these trends without having to move or change their lifestyle. promotes the green, self-sufficient, and grow-local movements by educating people on how to raise chickens properly.

Rats, mice and your chickens :
5 easy ways to make sure they don't mix.

Rats and mice - the very words send shivers down the spine, and having them in your chicken coop is that last thing you want.

But unless you take some sensible, simple precautions, make no mistake - they will come. It happens to the best of us - ask me how I know.

This article uses my own experience with an infestation of rats (and the odd mouse) to share with you the most effective ways of keeping them away from your chickens, and looks at some less effective ways..............

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